Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Great Friends

We are blessed to have two amazing friends named Corrine and Noah Papak. Corrine has been one of Mommy's best friends since high school and Noah is her 4 year old son. When Corrine had Noah 4 years ago, I was her labor coach and in the delivery room when he was born. It was such an amazing experience. I was so honored that she chose me to help her. After he was born people kept asking if it scared me from having kids of my own. For me it was the opposite. It made me more excited to have a baby. But first Russell and I had to get engaged and married (little did I know that he would propose a short 4 months after Noah was born).

Corrine and Noah have been such spectacular friends since then but particularly since Simon was born. The let us borrow a ton of baby equipment and toys that they still had from when Noah was a baby. After Simon was born they came right over to meet him and he and Noah were fast friends. They come to visit us all the time! It is truly touching because they live almost an hour away. We are so lucky to have such amazing friends! Here are some pictures of Noah and Simon playing together and even an "oldie" with me and Noah on the day he was born.

Thank you for being such wonderful friends. We love you guys!


  1. It is so important to have supportive friends. You guys are lucky to have each other :)

  2. You have such great friends in Corrine and Noah!! They travel quite a distance and often to see you guys!!!