Thursday, September 8, 2011

Simon is 15 Months Old!

Dear Simon,
August was a very fun month for us. We went swimming a lot! We still go to your Aqua Babies swim class and you are having so much fun. Plus, we have been to the pool with Dennie and Jackson a lot too. You are all water babies and have no fear at all (which is sometimes a little scary for the parents!) You love the water so much that you also run right into the big fountain at Welles Park by our house. Even some of the older kids will not go in it because the water pressure is so strong. You are a brave and fearless little guy.

We also spent some time at the North Center Summer Festival. We all know how much you love music and they had great bands. So, you danced your heart out in the middle of Lincoln Ave. We got to spend time with your friend Marisa (you loved tickling her toes) and your cousins too.

Speaking of cousins, we had a very fun play date with all five of our boys. It is so wonderful to see how you are all interacting now. Will and Dennie love to be the "big boys" and the little boys watch/follow intently.

We spent some quality family time with you me and Daddy at the Dock at Montrose Beach. It was a gorgeous day, but the wind was very strong. Hurricane Irene had just hit the east coast and the weather service said that we were feeling the wind. Besides our hair flying around like crazy, it was a great time and you loved seeing the big truck combing the sand.

Your favorite things right now including looking for squirrels outside. You look up in the trees and make a kissing sound with your mouth. You also love to find dogs. Whenever you see or hear one, you say "dog" quickly followed by "woof woof". You even point to dogs in books and say "woof woof".
You also love to bring us your shoes or "doos" as you say and demand to go outside. This was the first month that we really started communicating with you. The first time I realized we could communicate with us was when you brought me one "doo" and I asked you to go get the other. You walked right over, picked it up and brought it over. It has not stopped since then. If I say, "Do you want to eat?" You run right over to the refrigerator. If I ask you, "where is your tummy?" You point and tickle it right away. The words keep flowing and we love to hear all of your sounds and songs. There has been a lot of construction work on our block the last few weeks and you love to watch the trucks working.

Thank you for being such a sweet and loving boy.
I love you always,


  1. We just love seeing what that boy is up to each month. 15 months is my favorite age, from then on they understand you & life gets easier.
    See you soon, little man.
    Love, Grandma Lin (& Grandpa Joe)

  2. So sweet! I love how adventurous he is! Watch out Mom & Dad!

  3. Oh my goodness he looks like a little boy now, no more baby face. They grow up way too fast especially when you don't see them all the time! It's so fun when they start talking--I love the "doos". With Blake I have a hard time telling the difference between juice and shoes, because they both sound the same!!

  4. It is such a joy to watch you dance, laugh, run in the water!! You are growing up so fast little man!