Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Kisses from Simon!

Monday, February 25, 2013

At the dentist

Simon went to the dentist for his 6 month checkup and he did great!  No cavities and everything looks perfect!


Simon is still taking gymnastics class at the park district and loving it!

He still loves to eat his turkey bacon!  Not many new food items have been accepted yet, but the boy is perfectly healthy and growing stronger everyday!

Simon loves animals and the zoo.  He was especially excited to go recently and to see the "noss-a-sess" (Rhinoceros) and he was also very into seeing the snakes which was a new request this time.

Simon has been taking soccer at Lil Kickers with his friend Marisa.  He is getting really good and has a lot of fun.

Simon is still obsessed with fixing things.  We were at a toy store the other day where they had a car bed.  He told me it had a flat tire and he said "I fix it" and pretended to use a screw driver.  
He has a wonderful imagination.  He loves to "cook" pretend food (often a cake) and hands it out to us.  You then have to pretend to eat it and lately he will say "It tastes yucky! Spit it out!" and just laughs and laughs.

One night he was in the bath.  Russell was watching him and I walked in to see him standing in the bath.  He was "painting" with his bubbles on the wall using a scrub brush.  I told him he could pick his knees or his pepette (meaning he could not stand but could sit or kneel).  Next thing I know he says "I choose my pepette" and is scrubbing his behind with the brush.  It was so funny!

Field Museum

We were so happy that Buffy came with us to the Field Museum.  Simon loved showing her his favorite exhibits.....especially the dinosaurs!

Tree Trimming Day

Simon was very excited when the city came to trim the tree in our front yard.  He LOVES cherry pickers and was thrilled to see the man cutting down branches.  He even got a wave which made Simon's day.  Before it was over, Simon had to bring Monka over to make sure he could share in the excitement.

Showing Monka the work outside.  He kept saying "Do you see it, Monka?"

Bubble baby!

Simon is obsessed with having bubbles in his bath.  He loves to play in them and smear them on the wall saying they are paint.  Every night I ask if he wants a little bit of bubbles in his bath or a lot of bubbles.  I think it is safe to say he will probably never say a little bit.  The more the merrier!

New Year's Eve

Simon was happy to celebrate New Year's Eve with a cupcake and a balloon.  It is the simple things in life that matter most!

Getting the band back together

We met Simon's friend Conor, and his Mom, Beth when the boys took Hawaiian music class together as babies.  We have been friends ever since and the boys always like to share their love of music.  Conor's Aunt is in a famous band called Flogging Molly and she always sends him cool instruments including this new drum set.  The boys love it!

After a grueling band practice, the boys were happy to have a treat

Happy Birthday Stefan!

We had fun celebrating Stefan's 3rd birthday while Popo was visiting.  The boys played in the tree house in Northbrook Court, but the birthday sundae and candle was probably the best part!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Christmas 2012

Simon loved the Christmas season this year.  He was very excited about Santa coming and loved all of the celebrations we had as a family.

An art/lego table from Santa!

Reading Twas the Night Before Christmas

We ended up with a White Christmas

Simon's First Snowman

Family Visit

We were so happy to have our family from Colorado visit for Christmas!  The boys were thrilled to see each other and were as funny and active as ever.  We did a lot of fun activities while they were here and had a lovely Christmas holiday!

Jackson and Auntie Stephanie came with us to Simon's music class

Navy Pier Children's Museum

Digging for dinosaur bones

Pretend snowball fight

Such a big boy!

Best Nonna!

Gingerbread house time

Christmas crackers

The Fab 5

Let's bowl, let's bowl, let's rock and roll