Thursday, April 28, 2011

Simon's 9 Month Pictures

Here are a few of Simon's 9 month photos taken back in March. He is such a great little model. Always happy and such a trooper.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Simon is 10 months old!

Dear Simon,
Another month has flown by and now you are 10 months old! You have turned into such a big boy this month. You are crawling around so fast. If you see Zoe, you crawl even faster. And you are now pulling up on everything! You can stand against every piece of furniture we have. There have been a lot of tears over the last week or two because you think you can walk and when you let go you fall down. I know that this will be a short phase and you'll be walking safely very soon. You also started standing up in your crib. I couldn't believe it the first time I walked in your room and you were standing there facing me. You are such a big boy!

We had our big trip to California. You had such a good time with our California family and we can't wait to go back. Once you were "approved" for carry on, we were on our way home to more adventures.

You still love your baby food and are just now starting to want to eat a little bit of table food. However, you still only love vegetables and not fruit as you can see below.

You started using a sippy cup this month. Though you really like to play with it more than drink it at this point.

Your friend Landon turned 1 and we went to his party at the Kohl's Museum. You had a blast and we will definitely go back.

Here you are on St. Patrick's Day (plus a few more cute shots)

I love watching you grow and shine. Your personality is so funny and warm. I love you more everyday and can not wait to see what the next month brings.

Love Always,