Friday, June 28, 2013

Dylan is One Month Old

Dear Dylan,
You have had such a wonderful first month!  We are happy to say that you are a perfectly behaved and good sleeping baby.  You sleep from about 10pm to 4am which is amazing.  It helps Mommy feel rested and ready to tackle the day with two kids.  
You were born with light hair and blue eyes which are still staying blue.  The doctor says they can change up until your first birthday, so we will see.
You really love to be curled up in a baby chair that we have.  That is where you nap during the day.  You do not like the car seat at all (neither did Simon).  
Your little chipmunk noises are so cute and you are very very strong.  You lift your little head up so well and bob around for milk when you are hungry.
Having you here has been a very easy transition.  It seems like you were always supposed to be here and we already can not imagine how we lived without you.  
We can not wait to see what the next month brings.
Love you will all of my heart,

Monday, June 10, 2013

Aunty Gaga Visits

We were so lucky to have Aunty Gaga visit us when Dylan was just one week old!  Big cousin Will won a writing award and did a reading at a local bookstore so she got to meet Dylan and see his reading.  Lucky lady!  Simon was so happy to spend some quality time playing with her and she even took him to his last soccer class for the season.  We miss her all the time but she loves to see us on Skype and we will be visiting her in August for her wedding.  Can't wait for the big day!

Saturday, June 8, 2013


These two brothers are doing great.  The addition of Dylan to our family has been amazing. Simon is not jealous of Dylan at all.  He is not too interested in playing with Dylan (which is good since he is way too small for that.). He is very loving with though.  Here are a few of the sweet things he has done/said since Dylan arrived:
"I love you Dylan"  "Baby brother is hungry.  He needs to eat macon (bacon)." "His name is not Dylan, it is baby brother."  "I'm too small to hold him.  My hands are too small to hold him."   "It's okay baby, it's okay."   "I think Dylan needs Monka"  Then he give Monka to Dylan and quickly takes him away saying "I don't think Dylan likes Monka."  "My baby brother says Hi."  "I will teach him to talk and walk and play."
One night, we were sitting on the couch and Nonna was over.  Simon kept saying "Mommy and Daddy, you go to the store.  I will stay with Dylan and Nonna."  As he was saying this, he was trying to take Dylan out of my arms. It was hilarious. 
It will be so amazing to see these boys playing together as Dylan gets bigger.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday Simon!

Simon turned three the day that we brought Dylan home from the hospital.  It was funny because we brought Simon home on Daddy's birthday three years ago.
He has been obsessed with his birthday for months!  The boy loves any excuse to eat a cupcake (which in his case actually means to lick the frosting and not to eat the cake part) and to blow out a candle.
We decided to have Simon's birthday party a few weeks early because we knew Dylan would be arriving.
His party was at the Lincoln Park Zoo.  We were joined by some of Simon's friends for snacks and cupcakes and then we walked around the zoo.  Simon had a blast and kept saying for days afterward that he wanted to go to his "animal party".

Simon was so excited for his truck themed cake

Cupcakes with Marisa and Conor

A smooch from his friend Marisa (or Rissa as he calls her)
On the day of his actual birthday, we kept it low key so he did not get confused.  But, we had to do a candle and cupcake for good measure.  He loved it!
I can not believe how fast three years has gone by.  Simon is a smart, perfect, hilarious, spunky and loving little boy.  We love to see how he grows and changes and love him more with every new phase.  Happy 3rd Birthday, little angel, we love you with all of our hearts!

A present from Dylan!

A new dump truck and he loved it!