Saturday, April 27, 2013

Swimming with Popo

We are so happy that Popo is spending more time living in Chicago now.  Simon was very excited to go swimming with Popo.  Before we got there, we had to run an errand at a store and the salesgirls were trying to talk to Simon.  Usually, he is very quick to chat and flirt with the ladies but this time all he could say is "I'm going swimming at Popo's house".  So cute!

Family Fun in Colorado

Simon and I went to Colorado for a few days to visit the family at the beginning of April.  We were so lucky to have our trip overlap with Auntie Gaga!  The boys were so happy to be reunited.  They love each other so much and miss each other everyday.
Pizza and Ice Cream at Lucky Pie- turing into a tradition when we visit

All three sharing my Ipad in bed early in the morning

Doing at Art project while we visited Jackson's school

Slumber Party!

Story time with Auntie Stephanie

Sunday, April 21, 2013


Simon has a lot of funny sayings these days.  Here is a sampling:
"I can't find it anywhere"- this is said with a great deal of drama when something is missing or out of his sigh

"You're my best friend"- this is generally used on Mommy and Monka
"Did you have a good sleep? and "I had a good sleep"- Every single time he wakes up Simon tells us he had a good sleep and always asks if we had a good sleep
"I need a bandaid"- Simon has taken to wanting a bandaid on a sorts of fake injuries these days.  
"It's not for nap time"- This is something he says all of the time before nap or bed.  
"I can't believe it"- This is also said with a great deal of drama when he thinks something amazing has happened.
"Where are we going next? What are we doing next?"
"I have a good idea mom"- He often tells me he has a good idea, but rarely follows up with what that idea is.
"Lets build a sand castle"- Simon says this whenever we are building something whether it be legos, blocks or his magnetic shapes.
"Come out wherever you are"- his version of hide and seek
"Hhhmmmm. Let's see."- Simon often says this while looking around mischievously trying to find what he can get into next.
"I'm looking for something or I need something."- These are used much the same as "Hhmmmm. Let's see."
"Let's be like an animal"- Simon has been inventing a lot of games with Daddy lately including one where they crawl around pretending to be different animals while making their noises and eating pretend food.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Our day with dolphins

Simon and I were so lucky that Aunt Jenny invited us to visit the Kahala Hotel.  The mother of the family that she babysits for works there as a dolphin trainer.  We spent a fun morning at the beach and then we were invited to have the "dolphin experience".  Simon was beyond excited and we will never forget the experience!
Ready to go, Mom!

Simon still talks about giving the dolphin a kiss

"I fed the dolphin fish"

Family Time

It was so nice spending time our family.  We were lucky enough to be there for Alex's 2nd birthday which was wonderful.  Simon keeps asking when we can go back to Hawaii to see his family again.  We all had a wonderful time!  Thanks to everyone for such a lovely trip.
At the care home meeting Cedric

Loved Grandpa Joe's van full of tools

We had so much fun celebrating Alex's birthday at the Children's Museum

"I need to fix it"

Order in this courtroom!

Blowing out the candles with Alex

Dinner at the Hau Tree Lanai- our favorite 

Giving Alex a kiss on the hand

40th Anniversary Party

We were so happy to celebrate Grandma Lin and Grandpa Joe's 40th Anniversary with them.  We had a dinner with family and close friends.
Simon loved seeing a rainbow before we went to the dinner.  He still asks where the rainbow is at home

Grandma Lin and Janeth Black

Grandma, Grandpa, Daddy, Uncle Cameron and Uncle Evan (or Uncle the Uncty as Simon named him)


After the stay at Aulani, we spent the rest of the trip in a condo on Waikiki Beach.  Simon could spend all day everyday at the beach.  He is happy to splash around in the water, but the more exciting part for him is playing in the sand.  He loves to dig and build castles.

Simon at the Duke Kahanamoku statue

Meeting an Orangutan at the Honolulu Zoo

Just after this photo was taken, Simon shouted "I love you turtle!"

Cousins showing us the monkey island

Simon loves the Elephants!

Chillin' at the beach

Ready to surf!

He really wanted to climb Diamond Head....maybe next time buddy