Sunday, April 21, 2013


Simon has a lot of funny sayings these days.  Here is a sampling:
"I can't find it anywhere"- this is said with a great deal of drama when something is missing or out of his sigh

"You're my best friend"- this is generally used on Mommy and Monka
"Did you have a good sleep? and "I had a good sleep"- Every single time he wakes up Simon tells us he had a good sleep and always asks if we had a good sleep
"I need a bandaid"- Simon has taken to wanting a bandaid on a sorts of fake injuries these days.  
"It's not for nap time"- This is something he says all of the time before nap or bed.  
"I can't believe it"- This is also said with a great deal of drama when he thinks something amazing has happened.
"Where are we going next? What are we doing next?"
"I have a good idea mom"- He often tells me he has a good idea, but rarely follows up with what that idea is.
"Lets build a sand castle"- Simon says this whenever we are building something whether it be legos, blocks or his magnetic shapes.
"Come out wherever you are"- his version of hide and seek
"Hhhmmmm. Let's see."- Simon often says this while looking around mischievously trying to find what he can get into next.
"I'm looking for something or I need something."- These are used much the same as "Hhmmmm. Let's see."
"Let's be like an animal"- Simon has been inventing a lot of games with Daddy lately including one where they crawl around pretending to be different animals while making their noises and eating pretend food.


  1. Love it! Simon has a great imagination, always fun to be around a child like that!

  2. I can hear his little voice saying all these phrases!!!

  3. So great that you keep track of all this. You're such a good mom!