Monday, January 23, 2012

Cool rider

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Simon is 19 months old! (and technical difficulties)

Dear Simon,
You have been 19 months for a few weeks now and what a change! You are so independently mobile that I can't believe it. It is true that you have been walking (actually running) since your first birthday, but this is different. You have much better control of your body. I can take you places without a stroller and you will listen if I say slow down, stop, or walk. You have an easier time playing on playground equipment and with your toys as well.
The biggest news is that we came to Ft. Myers Florida to spend the next three months. Daddy and I thought it would be a nice break from the winter and a wonderful thing to do since you are not in school yet. Daddy comes back and forth from Chicago and can't believe the difference in you when he returns.
I have so much more to tell you and so many things have happened in the last month (the holidays, new years etc) but we have a bit of technical difficulty with the blog in Florida. I only have an iPad here and it will not allow for blogging. So, I will use Daddy's computer when he comes. That also makes posting pictures very difficult. I will do my best to make it work though.
That makes me think about what it will be like with technology when you are my age. Will you know what an iPad is? It will probably be a totally antiquated idea, but I can't imagine what you will be using. Who knows? Maybe you'll invent the next big idea? You do seem to have a mind for engineering. You love to build things.
You are totally independent at mealtime now too. While you still are unwilling to try many types of food, you absolutely love to feed yourself (especially cheerios which you call chee-choos).
But, you still love your peanut butter too......
As I said, I have so much more to tell you and I promise I will post as much as I can (including some stuff from last year too). I love spending everyday with you and seeing what a sweet little boy you are turning into.
Thank you for being such a wonderful boy!

Love Always,