Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dylan Jacob Knight has arrived

Dylan Jacob Knight was born happy and healthy at 12:59pm on Tuesday May 28th, 2013.  He weighed in at 8lbs 6oz and 20 inches long.
The day before was Memorial Day and I was not feeling very well.  I went to bed that night and woke up because my water broke at 1:04am.  A couple of hours later, we headed to the hospital.  Dylan was breech and had been for weeks and weeks.  We tried to get him to flip over but he was very comfortable.  So, we knew that it would be a cesarean birth.
When we got to the hospital, they told us it was a very busy night of babies being born.  Since I was not in labor and Dylan's heart rate was strong, we waited until almost 1:00pm to have him.
There were some very interesting coincidences between Dylan and Simon's birth.  Three years ago, I had the same sick feeling on Memorial Day and that night my water broke.  So, both Simon and Dylan were born the Tuesday after Memorial Day.  Plus, they were both delivered by Dr. Brian Foley which is interesting because there are eleven doctors in the practice and it could have been any of them.  We really love Dr. Foley and we were glad he was on call that day.
Dylan came out crying his heart out which is exactly what you want to hear.  He was alert and awake right away and we could not believe how much he looked like his big brother already!
I always used to ask my Mom what it is like to have multiple children when you love the one you have so much.  She always explains it by saying that your heart expands.  I thought I understood it, but the moment Dylan was born I really experienced it.  He is a perfect, healthy, handsome and loving boy and we love him with all of our hearts!
Welcome to the world baby Dylan!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Baby Knight #2!

We found out in late September 2012 that baby Knight #2 was on the way.  The due date was June 7, 2013.  We knew it would be a crazy week of birthdays with Simon being June 1st, Daddy being June 5th, and baby somewhere around that time.  Someday this will make for a very fun and very big birthday party!
We decided to wait to tell Simon about the new baby until we found out the sex.  In January 2013, we found out it was another boy!  That makes two for us and the 6th grandson on my side!  What are the odds that we would have 6 boys in a row??!!
The news was very exciting and we found out while Grandma Lin and Granpda Joe were visiting so we were able to share it with them in person which was very special.
Simon was very excited to hear that he was having a baby brother
When we first told him, he said "i'm getting my brother?" "Yes, honey.  A baby brother."  To which Simon replied, "And I get a popsicle?" "Sure, Simon."  Next thing you know, Simon is running for the kitchen chanting "My brother, my popsicle.  My brother, my popsicle."  He then opened the freezer by himself to get a popsicle out.  We let him have one of course.  It was very sweet.  
Simon had a variety of sweet and funny things to say about his brother's pending arrival as the months went on.  Here are a few highlights:

-He would often ask where is the baby?  Then he would look out the window and say, "I think the baby is outside. I need to go find him."
-Another time he asked where his baby brother was and then said he was in the mud and we need to get him and clean and get him all washed
-Once while sitting in the shopping cart at Costco, he pointed to the seat next to him and said "This is where my baby brother will sit"
-He often pointed to my belly and said that his brother was in an egg (his only concept of babies being born is chicken and dinosaur eggs)
-Once he leaned into my belly and said "I can't hear you baby brother.  I think he is in the egg.  We need to open the egg"
-When people would ask about his new brother coming, he would often say that the baby was in his belly.
-Simon always called him "baby brother" but if you asked him what we should name the baby, he would say "Baby Knight."
-One night, he was playing with Monka and decided to pretend that Monka was his baby brother.  He told us that he would share his ball and play catch with the baby and that he would play with the baby in his sand table.  We really think Simon believed a child his size was going to arrive instead of a baby.  He then pretended to feed Monka a bottle and told  us he would feed the baby fruit and "Macon" (which means turkey bacon- one of Simon's favorite foods!).  He showed us that Monka has brown eyes, but said that the baby needs to get blue eyes.  He then gave Monka a bunch of kisses and said "I'm kissing my baby brother." It was so sweet.
-Simon spent the last few months being very excited for his brother to come.  He was always concerned about where baby brother was at any moment.  The concept of him being in my belly was a bit difficult to grasp.  He would often say "I love my baby brother" and we know that he will.
Simon loved to hug and kiss his baby brother while he was in my belly.  Here are a few pictures towards the end of my pregnancy:

Fun at the fair

Simon and Daddy have been spending a lot of quality time together towards the end of my pregnancy.  They went to a local fair and had a blast!  Simon love the Ferris Wheel the most.  He is obsessed with the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel and while this one was smaller, it was just as exciting!

Waiting in line to give his tickets

Sharing a delicious treat with Daddy


Here are a few of the funny and sweet things Simon has been saying lately:

-Don't chase me Dad!  Simon says this as he is midway through running away from Daddy.  They love to chase each other around the house with wild screaming going on.  The louder and faster, the better.
-Simon has become much more interested in dinosaurs, dragons and monsters.  He does imaginary play and they are everywhere.  He often wakes up and tells us there are dragons or monsters in his room.      They are always nice ones though.  And as it goes with any animal, their names are always "Monster Knight", "Dragon Knight" and "T-Rex Knight" etc.
-He has been extra loving lately telling us he loves us all of the time.  The other day, I looked over and said, "I love you, Simon."  Without skipping a beat, he looked up and said "I know."
-A few days ago, one of our neighbor friends was coming home from school.  She told Simon that they had had a pizza party that day.  So, of course Simon wanted to have a pizza party.  We went inside for dinner and I offered him pizza.  It was unacceptable without the party as well.  So, I pulled out some old streamers and a balloon, but he was still disappointed that we had no party hats.  He was finally satisfied when he asked me to put candles on the pizza and sang.  It was hilarious!  
-Simon is getting really good at recognizing letters and loves to spell things we are reading or even street signs.  We were recently in his room and he has a sign that says "Reading Corner" and he spelled the whole thing.  It is amazing.
-His memory is really unbelievable (he definitely gets that from Daddy).  Before bed, we read two stories.  We go through long spurts of reading the same story over several days.  It is unbelievable how quickly he memorizes books.  He can recite the entire "Good Night Construction Site" book and "Babar and his Family".  The Babar book is particularly impressive because it does not rhyme which makes it even more advanced.  I would guess we will have an early reader on our hands.
-A few weeks ago, Simon told me we need to get a small plane so we can go see Dennie and Jacksy.  Then he walked to the door and said, "Come on.  Let's go to plane station."  He misses those boys a lot!
-He was trying to get me to agree to something a few weeks ago and I said, "The answer is No."  He quickly replied, "The answer says Yes!"  It was very difficult not to laugh because it was so funny.  Now he often uses the line on me when he is trying to negotiate.  Either "The answer says yes." or "The answer says no"
-Simon recently looked at me sweetly and asked, "You love me ever mommy?"  I told him, "Yes, I love you honey" to which he responded "I love you Mommy."

We love this boy so much and his amazing personality just keeps getting more sweet and funny and spunky everyday.  He is such a pleasure to have in our lives and we feel so lucky to have such a perfectly wonderful child!

Mother's Day

We had a lovely Mother's Day Brunch at Bistro Campagne in Lincoln Square.  It is the same place we went last year when Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Cameron were in town.
We spent much of the rest of the day relaxing with some quality family time.  Thanks to everyone for making it special!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The big boy room

Our little guy is growing up so fast!  He is now sleeping in his own big boy bed in his own big boy room.  He still sleeps like a champ and loves his truck themed room.  A special thanks to Nonna for being our wonderful interior designer.  It looks amazing!

First night in the new room.  Slept very well!

He always wants to sleep on the truck shaped pillow

Trusty Monka by his side

Monday, May 6, 2013

Cousins at Play

Simon loves to play with Cousin Stefan!  They are so cute together and when Stefan arrived he said "Simon, I missed you!"  So cute!