Sunday, May 26, 2013


Here are a few of the funny and sweet things Simon has been saying lately:

-Don't chase me Dad!  Simon says this as he is midway through running away from Daddy.  They love to chase each other around the house with wild screaming going on.  The louder and faster, the better.
-Simon has become much more interested in dinosaurs, dragons and monsters.  He does imaginary play and they are everywhere.  He often wakes up and tells us there are dragons or monsters in his room.      They are always nice ones though.  And as it goes with any animal, their names are always "Monster Knight", "Dragon Knight" and "T-Rex Knight" etc.
-He has been extra loving lately telling us he loves us all of the time.  The other day, I looked over and said, "I love you, Simon."  Without skipping a beat, he looked up and said "I know."
-A few days ago, one of our neighbor friends was coming home from school.  She told Simon that they had had a pizza party that day.  So, of course Simon wanted to have a pizza party.  We went inside for dinner and I offered him pizza.  It was unacceptable without the party as well.  So, I pulled out some old streamers and a balloon, but he was still disappointed that we had no party hats.  He was finally satisfied when he asked me to put candles on the pizza and sang.  It was hilarious!  
-Simon is getting really good at recognizing letters and loves to spell things we are reading or even street signs.  We were recently in his room and he has a sign that says "Reading Corner" and he spelled the whole thing.  It is amazing.
-His memory is really unbelievable (he definitely gets that from Daddy).  Before bed, we read two stories.  We go through long spurts of reading the same story over several days.  It is unbelievable how quickly he memorizes books.  He can recite the entire "Good Night Construction Site" book and "Babar and his Family".  The Babar book is particularly impressive because it does not rhyme which makes it even more advanced.  I would guess we will have an early reader on our hands.
-A few weeks ago, Simon told me we need to get a small plane so we can go see Dennie and Jacksy.  Then he walked to the door and said, "Come on.  Let's go to plane station."  He misses those boys a lot!
-He was trying to get me to agree to something a few weeks ago and I said, "The answer is No."  He quickly replied, "The answer says Yes!"  It was very difficult not to laugh because it was so funny.  Now he often uses the line on me when he is trying to negotiate.  Either "The answer says yes." or "The answer says no"
-Simon recently looked at me sweetly and asked, "You love me ever mommy?"  I told him, "Yes, I love you honey" to which he responded "I love you Mommy."

We love this boy so much and his amazing personality just keeps getting more sweet and funny and spunky everyday.  He is such a pleasure to have in our lives and we feel so lucky to have such a perfectly wonderful child!

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  1. Ethan loves to chase after us too (and wrestle with Daddy). Gotta love a house full of boys. :)