Sunday, May 26, 2013

Baby Knight #2!

We found out in late September 2012 that baby Knight #2 was on the way.  The due date was June 7, 2013.  We knew it would be a crazy week of birthdays with Simon being June 1st, Daddy being June 5th, and baby somewhere around that time.  Someday this will make for a very fun and very big birthday party!
We decided to wait to tell Simon about the new baby until we found out the sex.  In January 2013, we found out it was another boy!  That makes two for us and the 6th grandson on my side!  What are the odds that we would have 6 boys in a row??!!
The news was very exciting and we found out while Grandma Lin and Granpda Joe were visiting so we were able to share it with them in person which was very special.
Simon was very excited to hear that he was having a baby brother
When we first told him, he said "i'm getting my brother?" "Yes, honey.  A baby brother."  To which Simon replied, "And I get a popsicle?" "Sure, Simon."  Next thing you know, Simon is running for the kitchen chanting "My brother, my popsicle.  My brother, my popsicle."  He then opened the freezer by himself to get a popsicle out.  We let him have one of course.  It was very sweet.  
Simon had a variety of sweet and funny things to say about his brother's pending arrival as the months went on.  Here are a few highlights:

-He would often ask where is the baby?  Then he would look out the window and say, "I think the baby is outside. I need to go find him."
-Another time he asked where his baby brother was and then said he was in the mud and we need to get him and clean and get him all washed
-Once while sitting in the shopping cart at Costco, he pointed to the seat next to him and said "This is where my baby brother will sit"
-He often pointed to my belly and said that his brother was in an egg (his only concept of babies being born is chicken and dinosaur eggs)
-Once he leaned into my belly and said "I can't hear you baby brother.  I think he is in the egg.  We need to open the egg"
-When people would ask about his new brother coming, he would often say that the baby was in his belly.
-Simon always called him "baby brother" but if you asked him what we should name the baby, he would say "Baby Knight."
-One night, he was playing with Monka and decided to pretend that Monka was his baby brother.  He told us that he would share his ball and play catch with the baby and that he would play with the baby in his sand table.  We really think Simon believed a child his size was going to arrive instead of a baby.  He then pretended to feed Monka a bottle and told  us he would feed the baby fruit and "Macon" (which means turkey bacon- one of Simon's favorite foods!).  He showed us that Monka has brown eyes, but said that the baby needs to get blue eyes.  He then gave Monka a bunch of kisses and said "I'm kissing my baby brother." It was so sweet.
-Simon spent the last few months being very excited for his brother to come.  He was always concerned about where baby brother was at any moment.  The concept of him being in my belly was a bit difficult to grasp.  He would often say "I love my baby brother" and we know that he will.
Simon loved to hug and kiss his baby brother while he was in my belly.  Here are a few pictures towards the end of my pregnancy:


  1. Oh my god! Those pictures are amazing. The comments are adorable! I love it all!!!

  2. agree with stephanie, the comments are priceless and continue to be since Dylan's arrival!!