Saturday, June 1, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday Simon!

Simon turned three the day that we brought Dylan home from the hospital.  It was funny because we brought Simon home on Daddy's birthday three years ago.
He has been obsessed with his birthday for months!  The boy loves any excuse to eat a cupcake (which in his case actually means to lick the frosting and not to eat the cake part) and to blow out a candle.
We decided to have Simon's birthday party a few weeks early because we knew Dylan would be arriving.
His party was at the Lincoln Park Zoo.  We were joined by some of Simon's friends for snacks and cupcakes and then we walked around the zoo.  Simon had a blast and kept saying for days afterward that he wanted to go to his "animal party".

Simon was so excited for his truck themed cake

Cupcakes with Marisa and Conor

A smooch from his friend Marisa (or Rissa as he calls her)
On the day of his actual birthday, we kept it low key so he did not get confused.  But, we had to do a candle and cupcake for good measure.  He loved it!
I can not believe how fast three years has gone by.  Simon is a smart, perfect, hilarious, spunky and loving little boy.  We love to see how he grows and changes and love him more with every new phase.  Happy 3rd Birthday, little angel, we love you with all of our hearts!

A present from Dylan!

A new dump truck and he loved it!


  1. Simon is so cute! Hoping we can be there for 2 boy's Birthdays next year!

    Love, Grandma Lin & Grandpa Joe

  2. Love it! Happy 3rd birthday little man. Your partners in crime will be there soon :)

  3. He loved his party so much!!! great pics!!