Saturday, June 8, 2013


These two brothers are doing great.  The addition of Dylan to our family has been amazing. Simon is not jealous of Dylan at all.  He is not too interested in playing with Dylan (which is good since he is way too small for that.). He is very loving with though.  Here are a few of the sweet things he has done/said since Dylan arrived:
"I love you Dylan"  "Baby brother is hungry.  He needs to eat macon (bacon)." "His name is not Dylan, it is baby brother."  "I'm too small to hold him.  My hands are too small to hold him."   "It's okay baby, it's okay."   "I think Dylan needs Monka"  Then he give Monka to Dylan and quickly takes him away saying "I don't think Dylan likes Monka."  "My baby brother says Hi."  "I will teach him to talk and walk and play."
One night, we were sitting on the couch and Nonna was over.  Simon kept saying "Mommy and Daddy, you go to the store.  I will stay with Dylan and Nonna."  As he was saying this, he was trying to take Dylan out of my arms. It was hilarious. 
It will be so amazing to see these boys playing together as Dylan gets bigger.


  1. They are just adorable together.

    Can't wait to meet Dylan- soon!

    Grandma Lin & Grandpa Joe

  2. Great pic! Adorable boys, cannot wait to watch them grow up together!!

  3. What a beautiful picture! I love it! Love the comments and I can hear the little voice :)