Friday, June 28, 2013

Dylan is One Month Old

Dear Dylan,
You have had such a wonderful first month!  We are happy to say that you are a perfectly behaved and good sleeping baby.  You sleep from about 10pm to 4am which is amazing.  It helps Mommy feel rested and ready to tackle the day with two kids.  
You were born with light hair and blue eyes which are still staying blue.  The doctor says they can change up until your first birthday, so we will see.
You really love to be curled up in a baby chair that we have.  That is where you nap during the day.  You do not like the car seat at all (neither did Simon).  
Your little chipmunk noises are so cute and you are very very strong.  You lift your little head up so well and bob around for milk when you are hungry.
Having you here has been a very easy transition.  It seems like you were always supposed to be here and we already can not imagine how we lived without you.  
We can not wait to see what the next month brings.
Love you will all of my heart,


  1. You are so lucky to have such good babies! What a cutie!

    1. Such a cute and sweet baby, he is changing everyday and what a beautiful smile he has!!! Love

  2. He is adorable, so alert!

    Grandma Lin