Monday, February 25, 2013


Simon is still taking gymnastics class at the park district and loving it!

He still loves to eat his turkey bacon!  Not many new food items have been accepted yet, but the boy is perfectly healthy and growing stronger everyday!

Simon loves animals and the zoo.  He was especially excited to go recently and to see the "noss-a-sess" (Rhinoceros) and he was also very into seeing the snakes which was a new request this time.

Simon has been taking soccer at Lil Kickers with his friend Marisa.  He is getting really good and has a lot of fun.

Simon is still obsessed with fixing things.  We were at a toy store the other day where they had a car bed.  He told me it had a flat tire and he said "I fix it" and pretended to use a screw driver.  
He has a wonderful imagination.  He loves to "cook" pretend food (often a cake) and hands it out to us.  You then have to pretend to eat it and lately he will say "It tastes yucky! Spit it out!" and just laughs and laughs.

One night he was in the bath.  Russell was watching him and I walked in to see him standing in the bath.  He was "painting" with his bubbles on the wall using a scrub brush.  I told him he could pick his knees or his pepette (meaning he could not stand but could sit or kneel).  Next thing I know he says "I choose my pepette" and is scrubbing his behind with the brush.  It was so funny!


  1. He is such a sweet boy! though no new foods were added there is this insatiable love for frosting!!! [ licked off a cupcake of course and the cupcake is never ever bitten into!!!!

  2. He's looking so grown up! I don't like how fast it goes....