Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Simon is 14 Months old!

Dear Simon,
You are turning into such a big boy! I keep telling people that you went straight from crawling to running. That is the truth! You are so busy exploring the world and learning new things.
One of your favorite things right now is dogs. It also happens to be one of your favorite words. Nonna's dog Casey passed away earlier this summer and you miss him a lot. As we walk around the neighborhood, you lean forward in your stroller and point and say "Dog!" when you see one. If they look particularly friendly, you get to pet them. You especially love it when they "kiss" you. You are also obsessed with seeing Buster on skype with Gabrielle.
Here you are with Casey:

You loved the 4th of July festivities this month, but couldn't stay up late enough for the fireworks. Sorry.....maybe in a few years!
You have become a wild man in the bathtub too. You love to splash and play. Somehow you and Daddy came up with a game where you fill up your cup and throw it at him outside the tub. It is such a mess, but you laugh so hard that we can not help but love it.

We celebrated your cousin Jackson's birthday this month at a concert for kids at Ravinia. It was a wonderful party. You loved chasing bubbles with Jackson and playing with the bigger kids. You also loved watching Jackson eat his cake!

Every day with you is an adventure and you keep us on your toes. From very early on we knew you were a mover and a shaker. Even as a little baby you never sat still. Your arms would flail or your legs would kick. Now, you just run all over the place. During the day, you never sit still. So, sometimes at night I peek into your bedroom to see you sleeping. I love the see your little "pepette" (that is a cute french word we use for "bottom") in the air as you sleep. As wonderful as it is to see you so still and peaceful, I always look forward to the next morning when you call out "Mama!" for me to come get you in the crib. Then, we start a new adventure.

I love you always!


  1. Good to see you having a wonderful summer, Simon.
    Grandpa Joe is saving up fun things to teach you in October.

    Love you all.
    Grandma Lin & Grandpa Joe