Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Family Fun!

We were lucky enough to have three different sets of Belgian relatives visit this summer.
First, we had Uncle Patrick and Aunt Viviane. They came here and got married in Vegas! Next Cousins Christophe and Eva came with their kids Esther and Noah. Esther is 2 and Noah is 8. All of the American kids had a great time with them. Noah spoke a little English when he got here, but by the time he left it was even better! Esther didn't speak so much English, but picked up a few words along the way. She loved baby Simon. Anytime she would see he wasn't around, she would look at me and ask "Baby slaapt?" in Flemish to ask me if Simon was sleeping. Then she would say "Baby Wakker" to ask me if he was awake. It was so precious. She was also obsessed with a Flemish character and song called Piet Piraat (Pete the Pirate) we loved singing it with her.
Next came Cousin Steve with his girlfriend Darlene. They ended up renting a car and driving the original Route 66 from Chicago to LA to see Gabrielle. It looked like an amazing trip!
We also had a visit from Uncle Ronnie, Aunt Masako and Cousin Susie. It was so fun spending time with them as well and can't wait to see them again soon.
We were so thrilled to have all of our family visiting. We love and miss them all!
Here are a few photos from the visit


  1. What a lucky boy- friends & family flying in from all over!

  2. Wonderful summer, lots of family, laughter and love!!!