Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Part II

On Halloween, Nonna and I took the boys on an early flight to Denver to visit the Erblands.  When we got to the Denver airport, we started to notice people dressed like Zombies.  Simon loved it!  He started chasing them and play fighting them and they all played along.  It turned out to be a flash mob of Michael Jackson's Thriller.  It was awesome!  I loved that video growing up and still remember watching it from our VHS tape.  Our Dad picked out zombies from the video that were supposed to be us and I can still tell you who was who to this day.  The dance at the airport was such an excellent surprise and a great way to kick off a fun weekend.

That afternoon the boys put on their second costumes and we went trick-or-treating with Dennie and Jackson.  Our little ninjas were so adorable (and fierce of course!)

And our little pumpkin 

It was a super fun day and we are so glad our boys got to be with their "cuzzies" on such a fun holiday!

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