Monday, October 28, 2013

Dylan is 5 months old!

Dear Dylan
October was a busy month for us and as usual you took it in stride.  You really are just happy to be around us.  I say it all the time, but you really are the smiliest baby I have ever seen.  It is so easy to get a good picture of you because the minute I look at you, you get a huge smile on your face that truly lights up a room.  For the record, this is not just a proud mother's opinion.  Everyone you meet and even strangers comment on how happy and smiley you are.
You are eating more food this month and loving it.  I think you can't wait to try new things.  You still sleep through the night and wake up thrilled to start the day.  While you are playing with toys more, Simon is still your preferred method of entertainment.  When you see something you like or want to do, your whole body propels forward and you shake your arms and legs like you are just going to dive out of our arms into whatever it is you want to do.  You are growing up too fast for me, but I can tell it is not fast enough for you.  You are ready to be a big boy!
We love your sweet face and smile so much.  But, please.....slow down!  You have an exciting life ahead of you, but I will miss this baby phase.  So, do your Mom a favor and do not be in such a rush to be a big boy!
We love you with all of our hearts.
Love Always,

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