Friday, December 14, 2012

Monthly Update

Simon is so well spoken that you can have a full conversation with him.  There are only a few "baby" words left.  As nice as it is to see him grow up, it is a little sad when the baby words go away.  He still says "Ochans" for orange and "Yeyow" for yellow.

Sometimes when I put him in his crib, he says "You put me in a fence".  It is so funny because if you think about it, it is sort of true.

He also has added a step to the bedtime routine.  Once I am done singing Baby Beluga and I lay him down in the crib, he gets back up and says "Kiss" and he gets one more kiss.  Then, he lays back down and goes to sleep.  It is so sweet.

He likes to ask about our favorite things too.  He often asks me what my favorite color is.  He knows that mine is purple so before I get a chance to answer, he says purple.  Then he will ask other people what their favorite color is and he usually tells them what it should be.  And when you ask him what his favorite color is, he always says green.  He does the same thing with animals.  He asks me what my favorite animal is and always tells me what it should be.  Then if you ask him what his favorite animal is, he usually has a different answer.  Sometimes it is "Rhinososos", sometimes elephant and lately it is a T-Rex.

He is obsessed with a new toy that he got a few weeks ago.  It is basically a crank machine that turns playdoh into little rocks.  He calls it his construction site and he ends up with 7 or 8 trucks on the counter pushing around the rocks.  He says he builds houses and asked me to make a foundation the other day.  I do not know where he comes up with this stuff!


  1. That is the best toy for a boy who loves trucks: make your own trucks then put them in the dump truck to be transported!!!

  2. I meant make your own rocks or gravel, it has been the source of endless hours of play!!!