Monday, November 19, 2012

Chatting in the car

The other day, Simon and I were driving in the car. We went over a very bumpy area and here is the conversation that followed:
Simon: Oh, no! What's going on?
Mommy: It's just a little bumpy
Simon: The tires are broken. I need to fix them. I need a tool box to fix them
Mommy: Okay, honey
Simon: We need a new car
Mommy: What kind of car should we get
Simon: A green one

This boy is so funny and cute!


  1. That's awesome....if he was in our household he'd be demanding a fast car. Probably red like McQueen....

  2. I love this! Ethan likes to tell me that we need to get some mouse-ca-tools to fix stuff (from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse of course).