Monday, July 9, 2012

Monthly update

Another month older and I thought I would update with a few of Simon's favorite things.
Right now he is obsessed with brushing his teeth, washing his hands, washing his face, using the toilet, a book called "Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site" that Mike gave him, fountains, singing songs that he makes up, the beach, the baby pool, sprinkler, peanut butter, trucks (that has never really gone away), taking the El, taxis, the clock tower at St. Ben's down the street, soccer, his cousins, camp, Zoe, and basically doing EVERYTHING by himself.  To quote Simon "I do it" or "Simon does it" or "I do it the self".  The boy is beyond independent.  He knows what he wants and is clear when he wants it.  Though he is strong willed, he is still the sweetest most loving boy in the world!


  1. Simon is also very concerned with the concept of being "lost" after watching "Finding Nemo" about a 100 times. I think he thinks "lost" means "alone". Often in the morning he'll shout from his crib, "Help! I'm lost!"

  2. Simon is so funny, he has such a good command of language.

    Thanks for writing about what he is doing, keeps us up to date.

    Grandma Lin

  3. You are so good with the documenting. Good stuff!

  4. Great memories for Simon to read one day!