Monday, July 30, 2012

Christmas in July and other 2011 updates

We have spent a lot of time recently reading Simon's blog/baby book from last year.  We realized that we got so busy at the end of the year and during the holidays, that we missed a lot of updates.  The last few months of the year were an eventful time.  We finished off our visit with Grandma Lin and Grandpa Joe, spent a lot of time with family and celebrated the holidays.  2011 was a wonderful year and it is amazing to see how much smaller Simon was just 7-8 months ago.

Reading "The Truck Book" with Grandma Lin and Grandpa Joe

Reading "The Truck Book" once again with Auntie Jennifer and Stefan

Doing a little yardwork

Sue the T-Rex at the Field Museum 

My new tractor!

Who are you calling Turkey?

Happy Thanksgiving!

We took a ride on Santa's El train
Simon loved lighting the candles or "cangas" as he called them for Hanukkah
It helped that he had his Menorah puzzle to do his own candles

First snowfall

Santa's Reindeer

Decorating Christmas cookies with family.  Auntie Gaga made a visit too!

Nonna reading "Twas the night before Christmas" on Christmas eve
Christmas Morning
Santa brought me a train table!  I love it!
Learning with the cousins at the Museum of Science and Industry

Dancing on New Year's Eve to The Rolling Stones of course


  1. Loved all the photos, he is just so adorable.

    The pictures at Hanukkah are precious, Simon looks so serious.

    Grandma Lin

  2. So funny that you included these....great pics!

  3. So funny that you included these....great pics!

  4. Such great memories to be treasured forever!!!