Saturday, February 5, 2011

Simon is 8 Months Old!

Dear Simon,
Another month has flown by and it was one with a lot of excitement. We went to Hawaii to visit the family (more on that in another post).
You've continued progressing with speaking. You are constantly babbling with a lot of "ba ba ba" type sounds. The biggest news is that you now call me Mama! I was so excited the first time I heard it. At first I didn't "count" it as your first word, but it has become clear that you are calling me Mama. You say it most when you are sad or tired and that makes it all the more endearing.
You also started sitting up this month and you love to be such a big boy. Now you can also ride in a shopping cart up front with me. You love it! Anything that makes you part of the grown up group makes you so happy. And you sat in your first high chair at a restaurant when we went out to breakfast a few weeks ago.

You and Jackson are getting cuter together everyday. You always hold each others hand and you "talk" to each other too. Jackson had been taller than you, but you had a big growth spurt this month and it seems you are taller than him (for the time being).

You are really eating up a storm these days too. Lots of cereal and vegetables. I thought you were really ready for teething biscuits because you are always grabbing for our food when we eat, but take a look at these pictures.

As you can see, you really are not liking teething biscuits so far. I'm sure you will come to love them along with all the new foods you still have to try.

We have had a wonderful month with you. I have a lot to share and tons of great pictures from Hawaii, so more to come.......

I love you with all of my heart!

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  1. Love it so much! Makes me so happy to watch those 2 growing up together ;-)