Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Big Boy and his cousins

Simon started sitting up on his own last Saturday (January 8th). It happened so suddenly. He had been able to do it for a few seconds, but then tip over. That day we went to a very fun indoor play place/coffee house near where we live with Auntie Stephanie, Dennie and Jackson. I think Simon was so busy playing and watching the big kids that he forgot to tip over! He could suddenly sit forever and he LOVES it! Such a big boy!
Here are some pics from that day and later that night when Mom and Dad went out for a party.


  1. These are GREAT! That was so much fun. So happy we were there when Simon started sitting up. Such a big boy!

  2. These milestones are happening so FAST!!!
    He is just adorable in the picture with you two.
    Grandma Linda

  3. I love your cute family pic with the three of you! Your hair looks awesome btw!