Monday, June 28, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions we receive about little Simon.

1. Why did he come a month early? We will never know with 100% certainty, but it is believed that because he was breech (bottom down) it was too much pressure and he had no room to grow so he wanted to get out early.

2. How did you pick the name Simon? We did not want to name him before he was born, so we went into the hospital with a list of names and once he came out he just looked like a Simon. It is not a family name or anything. We just liked the sound of it.

3. How is Simon adjusting at home? Simon loves to relax at home. He is feeding "on demand" so we don't have much of a schedule (meaning sleep) but he is happy and healthy and that is all that matters.

4. Who does he look like? Most people say he looks like Russell, but truly he looks most like his cousin Dennie when he was this small. If you compare pictures, it is hard to tell them apart! Simon's Mom and Dad were both blond babies, so we assumed he would be a blond as well. Then, he surprised us with dark hair. It has already lightened considerably, so we'll see how it turns out. His eyes are still blue (like his Mom's) but that can still change as well.


  1. I love how it looks like he is pondering the answers to the questions. So cute!

  2. Here is a frequently asked question: " How come he is so cute ?"
    Answer [ in alphabetical order ] : Must be the American, Belgian, Canadian and New Zealander blood in him!!!!!!