Wednesday, June 9, 2010

1 Week Doctor Visit

Simon went to his one week doctor appointment yesterday (Tuesday). He is back up to his birth weight which is really great. As it turns out, he is 19" long and not 18.5 as they thought at the hospital. Apparently, it is very common that the length measurements are wrong at the hospital. Because Simon was in the breech position, his first few days after birth his legs were all squished up like a frog so we had suspected he was longer than they said. His legs are relaxing a little more every day, but he is still our little frog. Everything else checked out and he is 100% healthy.


  1. Oh little frog legs! So cute :-) Happy that he's doing so well and such a healthy boy!

  2. He is just adorable! Such good coloring too ... 100% healthy is great!

  3. Our Little Thinker! He was such a good baby on the ride to the pediatrician. He did not like the cold hands of the nurse who weighed him but otherwise not a peep! What a sweet baby boy!