Friday, March 14, 2014

Our little "patient"

Our little climber, Dylan, is really getting around these days.  Unfortunately, he had a pretty bad fall and broke his little collar bone.  It was so sad!  After he fell he cried and cried.  I couldn't tell what was wrong but I knew it was something because he is normally so happy.  I tried to calm him and it wasn't working.  I called his doctor and they walked me through how to make sure it wasn't his head that was bothering him (which I was pretty sure it wasn't).  For the most part he seemed fine and then when I would pick him up he would start screaming.  So, Nonna came with us to the ER.  Right away the doctor guessed that he had a broken collar bone.  They can tell when the kids are picked up under the arms and cry that it is pressure on the broken bone.  After heading to X-Ray, her suspicion was confirmed.  There isn't much they can do for a baby with a broken collar bone.  They wrapped his arm to his chest with an ace bandage and said to leave it on if he could tolerate it.  Of course we knew he would not like it and it was off by the time we got home.  Our instructions were to take it easy (which is not so easy for Dylan) and be careful when lifting him up.
He was such a good boy at the Emergency Room and we are so lucky to live in Chicago so we could go to Lurie Children's Hospital.  They took such great care of our little guy and he was good as new in no time!

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