Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dylan is 8 months old and crawling!

Dear Dylan,

You made it!  After several frustrating weeks of wanting to move you can finally do it!  It is still slow at this point, but before we know if you'll be flying all over the place.  You still love the walker, but you are so fast we all have to keep our toes covered because you run them over and it can really hurt!
You also love to have us hold your hands while you "walk around".  If you hadn't just started crawling, I would have guessed you might skip it all together and just start walking.

You love music and musical instruments too.  I love to watch you smile and coo while you make noise!
You are eating up a storm too!  Lots of cereal and vegetables (even celery!) and baby crackers are a favorite.
As I always say, the time is going by too quickly, but we are sure to enjoy every moment with you, little man.
We love you more every day!


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