Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dylan is 3 Months Old!

 Dear Dylan,
You could not be a happier baby!  You are happy from the moment you wake up cooing and smiling until you fall asleep at night.  If you cry, it is very easy to figure out what you need.  You are starting to notice things around you more and you absolutely love to be outside.  
You are looking more like Mommy everyday and your hair has turned reddish.  In some lights, you look like a real redhead.  Your eyes are the most beautiful shade of blue and they get you a lot of attention.  The funny thing is, that sometimes you look like Mommy and others you look exactly like Simon (which I guess means you look like Daddy).  
You are the average weight for a baby your age, but definitely on the tall side which is just like Daddy and Simon.  You hold your head up so strong and love to coo and laugh.  I think you will be an early talker.
We have had an amazing summer with our little family and love you more every day.
Love Always,


  1. He is just darling, so glad he is so good. Wish we could come & see you all for the weekend.

  2. Cannot believe I did not see that post until now. ADORABLE!