Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Monthly update

Simon just gets more funny every single month.  A few of the funny things he says all the time are "Oh my gosh!" when he sees something exciting.  Or, "Oh my goodness!"  He has had a blood blister for some time now.  Even though it doesn't hurt him, he can see it on his finger so he constantly demands that it be covered with a bandaid.  We have run through almost a whole box of Spiderman bandaids at this point.  The boy is so funny.

We had a little bit of snow on Christmas, so we went outside to build a snowman.  Simon has a book about Babar the elephant where they build a snow elephant so that is what he wanted.  Luckily when I pulled out the hat, he got excited about a snowman again because I do not think I could make a snow elephant.  The next day, we were driving around and Simon was very concerned about things being so dirty (especially the cars).  He would tell me each car that needed to be washed.

Simon also potty trained this month.  He is doing perfectly with #1 and not so great with #2, but we are working on it.  On the first day of potty training, we kept him with nothing on.  I went upstairs to get something.  He was downstairs with Russell and I suddenly heard Russell shouting "oh no! oh no!'  It turns out that Simon had pooped.  He told Daddy "I pooped!" and then Daddy asked "Where?" Simon answered "Everywhere!"  It was the truth.  Because he was naked and did not make it to the toilet, he was covered in it.  He had to take a shower, but luckily it was not on furniture or anything.  We are so proud of how well he is doing!

Simon has become quite the negotiator.  He knows what he wants to do and often when we say something like "It is time for bed." or "It is time to go pee pee".  He will answer back, "Is not for nap time." "Is not for pee pee."  He will then tell us what it is time for by saying something like "One more story" or "One George" (meaning he wants to watch an episode of Curious George.)  We also used some sweets as bribes for potty training (which worked well) but sometimes he will try to negotiate "One popsicle".  We have a long road ahead of us if he is this smart at 2 1/2 years old!

When I put Simon to bed, he generally either goes straight to sleep or sings to himself a bit.  One night he was yelling so I went to the monitor to see if I could hear what he was saying and he was shouting "I want to be happy! I want to be happy!" over and over.  I have no idea where that one came from, but it was funny.  I went back into his room and said it was time to sleep.  He rolled right over and I did not  hear another peep.  

Simon got to take his first bubble bath too!  We held off for a long time because we knew how much he would love the bubbles and that we would have a hard time getting him out of the bath.  While that has turned out to be true, it is worth it to see how sweet and happy he is about his bubbles.


  1. Oh my goodness, I was laughing so hard about the potty training picturing Russell looking all over! It's so nice when they are out of diapers!

  2. Great post Mommy, you cover a lot of grounds and paint a great picture of a day in the life of Simon!!! He is such a sweet little boy and, just like his cousin Dennie, he is amazing with the potty training!!!
    Fun pictures, Love

  3. Hilarious account of Russell & the poop! You two are wonderful parents.

    Love to you all. Grandma Lin

  4. Love the poop story....still can't believe how lucky you are...most children don't just lie right down and go to bed when you tell them to. Maybe #2 will be a bit more like his cousins in that department!