Sunday, October 7, 2012

Monthly Update

Dear Simon,
You just get more sweet, cute, funny, cuddly, loving and grown up every day.  Some of your favorite phrases include, "What's going on?" "What happened?" "Can we go to the park?" "I need to buy some" (whatever item of food you think we need at that moment). "Can we go to the beach?" "The beach is closed" 
You speak in complete sentences these days and it is still surprising to me that we have complete conversations even though it has been happening for some time.
You are obsessed with the leaves falling off the trees.  You often say "The leaves fall of the trees in fall.  Then comes Santa in the winter"
It is becoming more difficult to summarize your favorite phrases because you talk ALL DAY LONG!  Everyone who meets you remarks on how advanced your speech is.  I may be biased, but I think you are the smartest and most handsome boy in the world!
At the Open Streets Festival on State St.

These giant blocks were a real hit!


  1. So sweet ,smart and gorgeous!!!! LOVE P.S. Lets not forget "I need to go to Nonna's house"

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  3. I love the phrases....I imagine he'll have a few new ones after his visit with Auntie Stephine & his cousies. Hopefully good ones and not just "I'm scared of the cousies."