Sunday, September 23, 2012

Love in LA

Simon and I went to California in August to visit Auntie Gaga (Gabrielle) and Dayday (David) and little Buster.  He is such a great traveler and actually loves to go on airplanes.  Of course he does love anything with wheels or wings or tracks.  Basically anything that "goes".  We had an amazing few days and had a lot of fun California adventures.  We love our Los Angeles family and can not wait to see them again soon!

Fun with Mommy in Pasadena

Simon was very concerned that this statue was missing shoes

Fun times swimming in the pool with Auntie Gaga and Dayday (David)

Riding a pony at Griffith Park

On the train with Auntie Gaga at Griffith Park

I love my Auntie!

He could have watched out these windows all day

Big boy gets his own seat on the airplane now that he is 2!


  1. So glad Gabrielle and David are part of Simon's life.

    I really like the picture of Simon on the horse looking out over the Ponderosa so seriously.

  2. Such a sweet moment when he closes his eyes for a kiss from Gaga!!!
    Love all the pics.

  3. Great pics! Jealous of your Cali adventures. Looks like lots of fun! Such a cute traveler :)