Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Simon's 2nd Birthday

On Simon's 2nd birthday, we went bowling for the first time with his cousins Dennie and Jackson.  It was Simon's first time bowling and he loved it.  He kept talking about rolling the ball with his hands and hitting the pins.

 Afterwards, we went home to have lunch and a cupcake to celebrate.  Simon loved singing happy birthday to himself.
 He is still a funny eater and he would not even taste the cupcake.  He faked us out a few times and seemed really excited, but never took one bite.
It was a wonderful birthday and I can not believe our little guys is two years old.  Time has gone so quickly and he is such a funny, loving, spunky, caring and imaginative little man.  We love him so much and can not wait to see what changes this year brings!

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