Saturday, May 26, 2012

Special Friends

We were so lucky to have some special friends visit us in Florida.  In February, Dan, Jenny and Carter came down.  Simon loved playing with "the baby".  We got to experience Carter's first time swimming, going to the Ocean and going to a park.  It was so sweet!  Simon was very sad to see them go and kept asking where the baby was once they left.

We also had Buffy come for a visit which was so fun.  Simon adores his "Afoo" as he called her.  We went to visit Lizzy and her family who happened to be staying in Marco Island the same week Buffy was there.  Simon got to go on his first boat ride on a Hobie Cat or "Simon's boat" as he called it.  It was a special day.

Then our friend Patti came from Colorado for a visit.  This was the first time Simon got to meet Patti and he loved her right away.  

We also made some special friends while we were in Florida.  Of course there was Simon's fan club in the condo complex which was basically made up of retirees who adopted him as their own grandchild.  He was a real hit around the pool.  Our neighbor Joanne became a good friend.  She had just moved from New York with her husband Victor and dog Gizmo or "Momo" as Simon called him.  We were so lucky to have such wonderful people living next door.

Simon also made a special friend named Anna.  She is a year older than Simon and it was love at first site.  We spend a lot of time with her and her parents, Melinda and Ivan, and her baby sister, Emma.
Having so many special friends around helped to make this experience truly wonderful!


  1. I love that Simon was such a hit at the complex! Such a special boy attracts special friends :)

  2. So many fun memories of Florida!!!