Sunday, March 4, 2012

Simon is 21 Months Old!

Dear Simon,
This was one fast month! We have been enjoying our time in Florida and I know I have said it before but you are not a baby anymore. I can't believe how much you are talking and how much you understand. You can (and do) repeat everything we say. You love to tell me "I want it" or "no want it" about pretty much everything.
You are very independent. The other day, you joined another family playing at the beach. It didn't matter whether I was there or not. You have become so independent that you do not let us put you in or out of the car seat anymore. You insist on climbing in and out by yourself.
You absolutely love all of the attention you get from the old folks in Florida. We are staying in a community where a lot of retirees live. You have become the "adopted" grandchild at the pool. Everyone in the complex knows your name (I am just Simon's Mom). You wave and chat with the people every chance you get.
You are also very helpful around the house. You love to sweep and wipe down the table after you eat. You also like to help me carry things. It is quite cute when you decide to carry in a grocery bag that is too heavy for you. You do not give up and will end up dragging it if necessary.
You're strong little spirit is truly wonderful. I love spending everyday with you and I am so thankful I am able to.
I love you more every single day!
Love Always,


  1. Simon, you are growing up so fast.
    We love to hear about your adventures in Florida.
    Can't wait to see you in May!

    Grandpa Joe & Grandma Lin

  2. Another cutie pie who is growing up soooo fast. I just saw you Simon and the getting in and out of the car on your own is news to me ! Will you help me carry groceries??? LOVES
    P.S. I cannot believe that you will be 2 years old soon!

  3. 21 months old!?! Wow! What a cutie! I love how when we were in Florida all the old folks would ask if Dennie or Jackson was Simon. He is quite the celebrity there :) LOVE Auntie Stephanie (aka This)