Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Simon is 20 months old!

Dear Simon,
I am still not able to blog a lot while we are in Florida because of the computer situation. So, I thought I would do a quick update on what you are talking about these days.
In no particular order here we go.....hop peas (which means help please), chee-choos (cheerios), squeezie (which is a baby food packet you LOVE to eat), the moon, clock, "deence" (dance), beach, pook, glassy (glasses), bisou (means kiss in french), swimming, ahmies (airplane), meck/beck (motorcycle and bike which are used for both), work, mana (banana), copy (helicopter), baby, bar, cracker, ready, bijoux (which actually means Bonjour for you but sounds more like Bijoux which means jewelry in French. Funny coincidence), j'aime (which is supposed to be je t'aime or I love you in French), bath, book, wee ooh wee ooh (your noise for firetrucks and ambulances), snap (your impression of an alligator), whistle, milk, apple, My's (mine), reachy (which mean reach when you want to pick something up), whaler (water), monka (monkey)
A few of your favorite phrases include, what's this? What's that? Where it go? No want it? Here it come.
Plus you can count to three and you are starting to do your ABC's but only in French. I know you know the English version, but you seem to prefer the French version right now.
You have also learned to say your name too. We have a CD that we play in the car which sings about Simon and nursery rhymes. You love to hear it over and over and over. You even request "Si-mee" as you call yourself. You love to sing these days. You have made up a song about "waller" (water) that you sing a lot. You also sing "baby" beluga (just the baby part still) and "baa baa" as in black sheep, but just the "baa baa" part.
I am probably missing a bunch of words because they are increasing and changing everyday. You are big on imitating us and even do funny voices to make impressions. Today your Daddy was singing a pirate song and you made your voice all deep to imitate him. It was so funny and cute!
Thank you for being the angel that you are. We feel lucky everyday to have such a good and easy little boy.
Love Always,

Riding the train at Lakes Park with Mommy
In the dryer
At the library where you always have to bring your book bag
Big boy on the playground


  1. This little guy is growing up too fast. These words are only the tip of the iceberg. He's saying new ones, literally, every day.

  2. So cute! Isn't it crazy how they pick up on things so quickly?