Thursday, December 1, 2011

Simon is 18 months old!

Simon is 18 months old! I thought I would change things up a little bit and recap a list of all of the words and a few phrases that Simon uses. He is talking (babbling) up a storm these days, but he does use many real words too. He definitely knows what he wants and is frustrated when he can't explain it. It seems he says new words everyday. I'm sure there are a few missing from the list, but here goes:
Please (actually "peas" used when he wants something like food), shoe (started as "choo" but sounding more like shoe everyday), socks, bath (batha), cheese (when a picture is being taken), cracker, Mommy or Mommies, cup, book, tree, lights ("ights"), waffle (faffle), grape, Daddy, bar, pretty ("pity"), beep, tea, Nonna, bus, blocks ("bocks"), ho ho ho (for Santa of course!), puzzle ("puzzy"), candle ("canga"), Gaga (his name for Aunt Gabrielle), apple, up, ball, Jacksy (cousin Jackson), Choo Choo, Balloon ("boon" for short), Denn (short for cousin Dennie), Well (actually means cousin Will), Cousin ("cuzzy" when he is talking about any of his cousins), goodbye (usually "byes"), Hi, Busty (name for Gabrielle's dog Buster), Mon (name for the Monkey he sleeps with), hat, pear, gamma (Grandma Lin), gappa (grandpa Joe), bear, papette (french word for bottom), kiss, bisou (french word for kiss), baby (often sung to the tune of Baby Beluga which I sing him every night. He often sings "baby" to request the song before bedtime), this ("dis").
He also says "where'd it go?" and "here come" (here it comes)
On top of all of these words, he still loves to make animal noises like moo, baa, quack, roar (which is used for lion, tiger, bear and dinosaur), ahh ahh (monkey), bock (chicken), neigh (horse), meow, woof, tweet (bird), pffft (with the arm raise for an elephant), and he makes a snorting sound for a pig and a fishy face for a fish.
His language changes everyday and we love to hear his new words and phrases. It feels like he'll be fully talking very soon!
These pictures are from his 18 month photo shoot. It was a "Risky Business".


  1. He looks way too old sitting on the couch! and way too cool being Tom Cruise! How adorable, Simon the big boy! Watch out world here I come!! The list of words grows longer everyday. Sweet baby Simon it is a joy to watch you grow and learn new things. And how you love your "cosies" Jackson, Dennie, Will and Stefan. Bisous de Nonna.

  2. This is out of control! I don't even have words for the cuteness!!!