Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Simon is 17 Months old!

Dear Simon,
October flew by so fast. You had a lot of fun and exciting adventures. You understand and say more everyday. At this point, you will imitate any word that we say. It is so cute! Animals sounds and "beep beep" are still your favorite words though.
You are a very strong and independent boy. You play well on your own and also love to play with other kids. At the park you are so adventurous it can be pretty nerve wracking. The other day you jumped right off of the swing set. No damage done, but I was scared!

Trucks and dogs are still your favorite things (I still promise a truck post). You are also obsessed with books. Of course we have a ton of books, but you like to read the same few over and over and over again. Your favorites are The Truck Book (again that will be in the aforementioned post), Doggies and all of the Sandra Boyton books, Baby Farm Animals, Baby Dinosaurs, and a bunch of soft books we have with pieces that can be removed.

You also love the play soccer. You are getting really good at it and are fast at kicking and running after the ball. Since you really love to run it is a fun activity for us to do at the park too. You often say "shoes" and bring us either your or our shoes as a signal that you want to play outside. Notice you are wearing Daddy's shoes in the picture below and trying to get out the front door.

You are an adorable and never ending bundle of energy. You keep us on our toes, but we love every minute of it!

Love Always,


  1. Handsome boy. Takes after his father.

  2. He's growing up so fast! Love the one of him in Daddy's shoes!

  3. Mommy said it right, what bundle of energy!!!! Love the little soccer player outfit or should I say "le petit joueur de football"!!!! Bisous mon petit coeur.