Monday, October 10, 2011

Simon is 16 Months Old!

Dear Simon,
You are officially 16 months old and it seems your baby days are over. You turn more into a toddler everyday. It is amazing how much you understand now and you have more words everyday.
You are a boy who likes what he likes. Whether it is food or words, you pick a few and stick with them. As far as food goes, you still will not try many new things so you stick with a few like peanut butter (on the spoon most of the time), fruits, pureed vegetables, and yogurt. Those are not the only things that you will eat, but if it were up to you that would be it.
On the language side, your favorite words are actually all sounds. You love to make animal sounds. You favorites are "woof woof" like a dog, "meow" like a cat, and "ppphhhtttt" for an elephant.
There was so much going on this month that i'll have to break it into several posts. We spent a lot of time exploring new things, playing at the parks, the beach and downtown at Millennium Park.
Here are some adorable photos of you creating your mischief.

Your biggest love right now is still trucks and I will write about that separately. Needless to say you spend a lot of time playing with and talking about trucks or "beep beeps" as you call them.
I love everything about you little man. I love when you throw your head back and laugh. I love how you call out to me from your crib when you wake up and then when I go in there you dance around with your monkey and laugh. I secretly love when you climb up on the guest bed and jump around (even though it is dangerous). I love the sound of your little voice when you read me stories. I could write all day about all the things I love about you, but the most important thing for you to know is that I love you always with all of my heart.



  1. What a sweet & happy boy he is & so lucky to have wonderful parents.

    We will be seeing you soon, Simon. Can't wait!

    Love, Grandma Lin & Grandpa Joe