Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Simon is 1 years old!

Dear Simon,
I know I say this every month, but I really can not believe you turned 1!!!! It seems like yesterday you were born. Our lives have changed beyond our wildest imagination and it has been the most amazing year.
I have so many wonderful things to tell you about this month. For now i'll just talk about the month of May and then i'll write later about your first birthday celebrations!
This month we celebrated my first Mother's Day. Your Uncle Patrick and Aunt Viviane were here from Belgium so they came with us to the Lincoln Park Zoo. You have been there before, but were too young to really see anything. This time was different and one of the most exciting parts was before we even got to the zoo. We took you on your first El ride! You were such a big boy on the train. You loved watching the trains go by and looking on the window on our ride. Once we got to the zoo, your favorite thing to see was the Sea Lions. It might have been because you wanted to jump in the pool and swim with them, but either way you loved it. It was a wonderful visit and we will be back soon!

This month you started eating a lot more solid foods. Your absolute favorite is
watermelon. You can not get enough of it. I think that part of it is because it feels good on your gums since you are teething, but you do love it. Speaking of teeth, you have two on top and two on bottom. It is so cute when you smile and we are expecting more soon. Anyway, back to the watermelon. You love it so much that we can't show it to you at the beginning of a meal or you won't eat anything else. you demand more even before you've finished eating the last piece (it started with grunting, but now you sort of say "mel") The bigger the chunk we give you, the better. And if we give you a slice still on the peel, you stick your fingers in it to poke holes. Needless to say, eating is very messy these days.

This month we got a jump on your college applications by going to the University of Chicago. Just kidding of course, but you did go there to participate in a research study for the Center for Early Childhood development. They video taped you interacting with specific toys and seeing if you could find hidden ones. It was nice to know that we could do something to help others. As you know, we sometimes call you "The Professor" and here you are in some photos at U of C looking very studious and professorial.

Here you are at the college of admissions. We like to say that you are telling them, "i'll be back" (we won't tell them you are pointing the wrong way)

It was a wonderful month capped of by some amazing birthday celebrations. We could not ask for a better baby. You eat and sleep like a champ. You have the sweetest and funniest little personality. I love every moment and looking forward to the next month!

Love with all of my heart,


  1. Joyeux anniversaire Simon!
    Your Mommy is keeping a fantastic journal for you and I cannot wait to see your birthday party pictures!!!
    I say PASTEQUE (french for watermelon) all the way!!!!!

  2. Happy birthday Simon!

    His hair is getting so light, I love it.

  3. I can't believe it! Happy 1st Birthday Simon! You are becoming such a big boy. We had a great time at your party and can't wait to see pictures of you eating your cake! Hugs & Kisses