Friday, May 13, 2011

Busy Boy

Simon has been quite the busy boy with activities over the last few months.

First he started at "Let's Play on Francais". This is a class in our neighborhood where kids get to sing, dance and play in French. The best part about this class is the is Simon's Nonna!
Here he is ringing the bell to wake "Frere Jacques". He loved ringing that bell so much each week that most of the time he had to hold it for the entire class.

He has also been going to Gymboree with his cousins. Here he gets to crawl all over the place without worrying about getting hurt because there are mats everywhere. He loves it!

He also started a class at the Old Town School of Folk Music called "Aloha Baby". The teacher is part Hawaiian and part Maori from New Zealand. So, we have been busy learning songs and chants from both countries.
Here are a few cute pictures:


  1. Simon you are such a busy little boy!!! You are a joy to have in French class, I love when you ring the bell for Frere Jacques. I cannot wait to see you in your Aloha baby class!!

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  3. Love the pics! Dennie & Jackson loved having those classes with you fun to see you play and explore with your cousins.