Monday, December 20, 2010

A boy and his cat

From the minute he came home, Simon and Zoe were fast friends. In the early days, he had no idea she was around. She loved to walk up and sniff him or lay on top of me while I held Simon. She would even stand guard of his stuff (see her under the swing and in his pack and play).
As Simon got older and started to notice her he would get more and more excited. These days he squeals with delight when he sees her. I can actually tell when he is looking at her even if my back is to him because his voice has a different high pitch sound when she is around.
They are so cute together and it should be fun to see what happens once Simon starts crawling after her.


  1. Oh how he loves his Zoe!!!!!! Cutest pictures ever! The one on his mat is priceless!!!!

  2. Those pictures are just too cute!! He will be crawling soon!!

    Grandma Linda

  3. So cute! Grace gets just close enough to Ethan so she's close to him but he can't touch her.