Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Simon loved his first Thanksgiving. He was a fantastic sous chef and even helped with the baking. He didn't get to eat any turkey, but loved his rice cereal and even fed himself. He can't wait for turkey next year.

Simon's Dad made him a pilgrim hat to help him get in the spirit of the holiday. Too cute!

Simon and his Dad were quite the fashionistas in their matching argyle sweaters. Love it!

Our lives have certainly changed since Thanksgiving last year. It was very fun to go around the table and talk about what we were thankful for this year. The funniest part was when Nonna asked Dennie what he was thankful for. Without skipping a beat he said, "More Cookies". It was hilarious!
We are so thankful to have our little man in our lives this year. He truly is a blessing and we are loving every minute with him. We can't wait to see how much he has changed at Thanksgiving next year!


  1. What no matching Argyle sweater picture? It was a great Thanksgiving. Thanks for having us and so happy to celebrate with Simon, Claw, & VaVa.

  2. Good point Auntie Stephanie......I added one in.

  3. Um, Simon and I are fashionistos not fashionistas.