Monday, October 18, 2010

Chowing down

Last Wednesday the 13th, Simon started eating rice cereal and he is loving it.
The first few pictures are the very first bites he took. As you can see, he wasn't so sure about this stuff.

Getting better aleady

Now it is a few days later and you can see the difference.....he loves it!

But, sometimes he still just wants to eat his bib


  1. Hilarious! He's so cute! Enjoy just gets better!

  2. Gorgeous pictures! Cannot believe how much cereal he eats already!

  3. How nice to see him developing so nicely, he is growing up so fast.

    Grandma Linda

  4. Now he wants to hold your hand while you feed him. He's on the cusp of realizing that he can hold the spoon.

  5. So cute. Ethan hated cereal so we tried banana's and it went a little better. He's not sure about the whole eating thing really, so we're taking a few days off right now. :)