Friday, August 20, 2010

Meet the Grandparents

Grandma Linda and Grandpa Joe flew all the way from Hawaii to meet Simon and he could not have been more excited. They arrived very early in the morning and he smiled away at them.

We went for Simon's first visit to the Lincoln Park Zoo. Check out the Giraffe behind us!

And then walked a little closer to the lake to see some of the air and water show

We took walks to the park

Simon dressed up in his Sunday best to go to the Gospel Brunch at the House of Blues

And then the grown ups were off to the Cubs game, but Mommy and Simon stayed home. You'll go next year Simon when you are a little bigger. Of course, Simon still dressed the part.

He even got a bath from Grandma Linda

After all of the fun Simon was exhausted so he took a nap with the blanket that Grandma Linda knitted for him

Now after a quick few days in Canada, they will be back for more fun this weekend. We can't wait!


  1. Look how happy he is to meet grandma and grandpa!!! How sweet and wonderful it is to see you with your grandparents Baby Simon!

  2. How cute! Simon is very lucky to have such loving grandparents!