Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A new cousin for Simon!

Stephanie and Mark had their new baby on Monday, July 12th at 3:14pm. His name is Jackson Oliver Erbland. He weighed 7lbs 6ozs and was 21inches long. Simon is so excited to have a new cousin and they got to meet over the weekend. Almost all of the cousins were together (except Stefan) and there are some pretty cute pictures which i'll share below. Stephanie and Jackson are both doing great. As for the big brother, Dennie, he loves his new little brother! He loves to kiss him and help Mommy with him. We officially have 5 boys in this family that started with all girls! It is so unbelievable! Russell has officially named them the "Fab 5". We're debating whether to start a basketball team or a rock band....we'll keep you posted.

Simon is on the left and Jackson on the right. These pictures really show how big Simon has grown in 7 weeks compared to Jackson.


  1. I love these pics! It makes me so happy to see them all together. They are going to have so much fun! And a little trouble too :-)

  2. So cute, the little one's look like they could be twins!

  3. All those beautiful, adorable boys!!! we need to add Stefan to the group. Oh those Christmases, how fun they will be!!!!!!!